GPU Dedicated Server for Android Emulators


Choose a Right Plan for Your Emulators

Choose a plan based on the number of emulators and what APPs you plan on running.
Lite GPU - GT730
Nvidia GeForce GT 730

Starting at



  • 16GB RAM
  • Quad-Core Intel Xeon E3-1230
  • 120GB SSD + 960GB SSD
  • 100Mbps-1Gbps Bandwidth
  • Support All Emulators
  • For Social APPs, Small Games
  • Multiple Instances: 4-7
  • GPU: Nvidia GT730 2GB
  • Monthly: $55.00/m
  • Semi-Annually: $54.00/m
  • Annually: $53.00/m
  • Biennially: $49.00/m
Express GPU - P1000
Nvidia Quadro P1000

Starting at



  • 32 GB RAM
  • Eight-Core Xeon E5-2690
  • 120GB SSD + 960GB SSD
  • 100Mbps-1Gbps Bandwidth
  • Support All Emulators
  • For Social APPs, Small Games
  • Multiple Instances: 8-12 APPs/2-4 3D Games
  • GPU: Nvidia Quadro P1000 4GB, GTX1050 Ti alternative (compare)
  • Monthly: $74.00/m
  • Semi-Annually: $72.00/m
  • Annually: $69.00/m
  • Biennially: $64.00/m
New Arrival
Basic GPU - GTX 1650
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650

Starting at



  • 64 GB RAM
  • Ten-Core Xeon E5-2660v3
  • 120GB SSD + 960GB SSD
  • 100Mbps-1Gbps Bandwidth
  • Support All Emulators
  • Suit for 3D Games
  • Multiple Instances: 4-7 3D Games
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB, more powerful than GTX 1050Ti (compare)
  • Monthly: $99.00/m
  • Semi-Annually: $97.00/m
  • Annually: $95.00/m
  • Biennially: $91.00/m
New Arrival
Basic GPU - GTX 1660
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660

Starting at



  • 64 GB RAM
  • Dual 10-Core Xeon E5-2660v2
  • 120GB SSD + 960GB SSD
  • 100Mbps-1Gbps Bandwidth
  • Support All Emulators
  • Suit for 3D Games
  • Multiple Instances: 7-12 3D Games
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 6GB, GTX 1080 alternative (compare)
  • Monthly: $129.00/m
  • Semi-Annually: $124.00/m
  • Annually: $119.00/m
  • Biennially: $109.00/m

Features of GPU Server Plans

Support, management, and software features included in all GPU server plans.

Support and Management Features for GPU Server
Remote Access (RDP/SSH) RDP for Windows server and SSH for Linux Server
Control Panel Free Free install SolidCP for Windows or ISPConfig for Linux
Administrator Permission You have full control of your dedicated server.
24x7x365 Support We offer 24/7 tech support via Ticket and Livechat
Server Manual Reboot Free --
Hardware Replacement Free --
Operating System Re-Installation Free Maximum twice a month and $25.00 each time for additional reloads
Software Features for GPU Server
Operating System Optional Free CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, VMWare.
Microsoft Windows Server 2019/2016/2022/2012 R2 Standard Edition x64:$20/m
Microsoft Windows Server 10 Pro: 90-day free trial. Please purchase a Win10 Pro license by yourself after the trial period.
Free Shared DNS Service --
Optional Add-ons for GPU Server
Additional Memory $40.00/month/32GB --
Additional SATA Drives 2TB SATA: $19.00/month
4TB SATA: $29.00/month
Additional SSD Drives 240GB SSD: $9.00/month
960GB SSD: $19.00/month
2TB SSD: $29.00/month
4TB SSD: $49.00/month
Additional Dedicated IP $2.00/month/IPv4 ARIN Justification Required
Shared Hardware Firewall $49.00/month Cisco ASA 5505
Dedicated Hardware Firewall $99.00/month Cisco ASA5505 with superuser access
Bandwidth Upgrade Upgrade to 200Mbps: $10.00/month
Upgrade to 1Gbps: $20.00/month

Why Should You Switch to GPU Servers for Emulators?

Our GPU for emulation brings a faster & smoother experience for running emulators.

GPU for Multiple Emulators Instance

In the case of multiple emulator instances, the CPU usage can get too high as the number of emulators increases. A GPU server will solve this problem well and brings a smoother experience.

Multiple Emulators Instance

GPU Speeds up 3D Games

GPU hardware acceleration bring a better experience of 3D games: graphics acceleration (for improved screen rendering) and virtual machine (VM) acceleration (for faster execution).

GPU Speeds up 3D Games

Graphics OpenGL 2.0

New emulators, such as Nox and LDPlayer, or the latest versions of emulators, clearly require GPU accelerated and support Open GL 2.0 and above.

Graphics OpenGL 2.0

Virtualization Technology Enabled

Emulators can run faster & smoother on PC after you enable VT. It is rare to find a VPS that supports VT. The good news is that all our GPU servers support virtualization and are provided at affordable prices.

VT Enabled

Advantages of Dedicated GPU for Emulation.

Advantages of Dedicated GPU for Emulation

Get our dedicated graphics card emulator server rental services and unleash the power of dedicated servers and GPU for emulation.

Dedicated Android Emulator Server

Dedicated Android Emulator Server

The dedicated GPU emulator server can be used to run Android Emulators. These Android emulators are ideal for running macros, scripts, and game bots that automate repetitive actions, such as keystrokes and mouse clicks.

Full Root/Admin Access

Full Root/Admin Access

You can take full control of the GPU emulator server. With this admin-level log-on for the dedicated Android Emulator server, users can customize the server based on their requirements, and even add third-party applications.



All of our GPU servers can support multiple instances, up to 20 instances. This will greatly increase your productivity and reduce overall costs.

Dedicated USA IP

Dedicated USA IP

All our IPs are IPV4 addresses located in the United States. We guarantee the stability and reliability of your IP source, and you can use it with confidence.

Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop

Using Windows OS will give you Remote Desktop access and full administrator privileges to install any software and do any configurations you need.

24/7/365 Managed Tech Support

24/7/365 Managed Tech Support

Our GPU emulator experts provide high-quality managed technical services through live chats and emails around the clock. Most issues can be well taken care of within one hour or less.

  • GPU
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Disk Space
  • Bandwidth
  • Data Centers

If you are running social media apps or small games, then the graphics card requirements are not too high. Generally, graphics RAM size 1G or 2G is fine. Even for multiple instances, 4G RAM will be enough. However, running 3D large-scale games, or video streams, such as Tiktok, would need 4G RAM or more.
The servers with popular graphics cards, like GTX 750 Ti, GTX 950, GTX 1050Ti, and GTX 1080, can well serve the above scenarios, but they are generally expensive. Fortunately, we provide affordable servers with many cheaper alternatives to these popular GPUs. They include GT730, P620, P1000, T1000, and A4000 cards.


If running a single emulator, you won't require a strong CPU. A VPS Android emulator server might be enough. The case is different when you are going to run multiple emulator instances. Intel CPUs and more CPU cores are better for multi-instance scenarios. You may need different CPUs and cores depending on the number of emulator instances and running applications or games. Therefore, testing is necessary.

Intel CPU

You will need different RAM sizes based on the number of emulator instances and running applications or games. Generally, when the memory usage gets 80% or higher, there will be a freeze. You can perform some tests to determine the memory you need.

RAM Size

You can estimate the disk space usage by calculating the occupancy of the emulator and the game. Taking the Nox emulator as an example, when instance increases from one to forty, the disk space usage goes around 19G. This means average occupancy of each emulator is about 500M. Then, you can decide the disk space you need by plusing with the occupancy of the game and the instance. Generally speaking, the occupancy of mobile games is not high. A 250G SSD is enough for most mobile games.

SSD Disk Space

Typically, an independent bandwidth of 30-50M is enough for running emulators. We provide a minimum of 100M dedicated unmetered bandwidth, giving you peace of mind.


If you need an IP address that is located in the United States, you have come to the right place. We provide pure US IPs, optional in multiple cities. You can ping the speed and choose a suitable data center.

US Data Centers

Which GPU Server is Right for Your Emulators?

Choose the appropriate combination of CPU, GPU, RAM, and bandwidth to meet the requirements for running your application and Emulator. All graphics card emulator server plans support 3-day free trial for testing. Please leave the "3-day free trial" note when checkout if you need a trial.

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Useful Articles for Android Emulator Practice

Help you get your GPU emulator server up and running in no time.

Android Emulator

Top Android Emulators on Windows VPS Server with GPU

There are many Android emulators out there. Below are the top android emulators that can be installed on VPS and Servers with GPU. This article will help you better understand the best Android emulators available on Windows VPS, Windows Server environments.

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Android Emulator

How to Download and Install BlueStacks on Windows 10?

Before installation, you need to choose the version of the emulator you'd like to run. Generally, the latest versions of emulators would be compatible with Windows 10. This article will take bluestacks 4 as an example to explain how to download and install it.

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How to enable Virtualization (VT) on Windows 10 for Android Emulator?

We highly recommend enabling Virtualization to enjoy the various benefits it provides; for example, it can increase performance 5x, allows BlueStacks App Player to use more than 1 CPU core, eliminates FPS lag/stutter in various games, and games can be played at the highest graphical settings.

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How to Speed Up Android Emulator?

Android emulator plays a critical part of the android development environment. For creating awesome apps, developers need to test their app on different types of android devices. Thanks to the existence of Android emulators, you can do all the testing work on you PC. But often, the problem occurs when your android emulator starts lagging or working slowly. This article will share many tips and tricks to speed up your Android emulators so that you can go with a smooth process for android app development.

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FAQs of GPU Emulator Server

Answers to common questions about GPU emulator server hosting.

Integrated GPU for emulation or dedicated GPU for emulation, which is better?

Integrated graphics chipsets are built into the processor to make sure that your computer can use a display without a dedicated GPU. However, more demanding tasks, such as gaming, require a stronger GPU, which in most cases is the dedicated one.

When to choose a GPU server for Android emulators?

You can choose our GPU emulator server hosting when you want to:
1. Run the bot
Running supercharged bots on your favorite game outperforms other bots on slower infrastructure. Purchase GPU servers to unlock the true potential of your robots.
2. Improve your social media marketing campaigns
With GPU Server, your campaigns will always run without consuming resources on your phone or PC.
3. Get a better experience when running your Android app
The GPU server allows you to enjoy a larger screen and more comfortable keyboard operation, especially during gaming.

Does Windows server with GPU support the multi-instance capability?

Yes. Our GPU Windows server is optimized for resource-intensive usage. Users can take advantage of the multi-instance capability to work on several applications on the same virtual desktop, making it the ideal solution for multi-tasking.

How will I access to GPU Emulators?

All of the plans for GPU emulator server come with Windows OS, so you will have access through Remote Desktop Connection(RDC). You will have admin access to this service, and you can install & use other software, like Browser and Skype, along with Android emulators.

Advantages of using an Android emulator?

Bigger screen, never miss a detail.
100% accuracy with keyboard & mouse controls.
Mobile-exclusive Android Games on PC.
Multiple games at the same time.
No worry about battery life and no need for high-end phones.
Effortless Multitasking.
No text or call interruptions.

Which Android emulator can run on your GPU emulator servers?

Our GPU emulator servers are compatible with all kinds of emulator, including Bluestacks, Android Studio, MEMu, LDPlayer, and Nox.

Can I buy a Android emulator VPS?

Yes, you can. However, using only VPS for Android emulators is not the best choice. We recommend use our cheap graphics card emulator servers, the best alternative to VPS Android emulator servers, for running emulators. These GPU emulator servers are perfectly compatible with all emulators and deliver a better experience with low cost.

What is BlueStacks VPS?

BlueStacks is the most popular Android emulator used by millions of people around the world. With the BlueStacks emulator, you can run thousands of Android APPs on Windows. A BlueStacks VPS is to run BlueStacks on a Windows VPS. Although VPS Android emulator server is an option, we believe a Windows Server with GPU will deliver better performance.

Does GPU help with Android emulator?

Yes. The GPU on your computer can be used for hardware acceleration. This option typically provides the highest graphics quality and performance for runing emulators. This is also why we suggest renting GPU emulator servers rather than VPS Android emulator servers.

What is GPU emulation?

GPU emulation (sometimes referred to as GPU acceleration) is where the emulator utilises the host machine's GPU to accelerate drawing options. This can make the emulators run much faster.

What is the best GPU for emulation?

Nvidia GPUs show better performance in emulation. Popular Nvidia GPUs include: GTX 1050, GTX 1060, and GTX 1080, and some better alternatives, like Quadro P1000 and Quadro T1000. These are best GPU for emulation.
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