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Explore the high-value GPU servers and Nvidia workstations at GPU Mart, equipped with the latest generation GPU and cutting-edge server integration technology, providing a solid hardware foundation and service support for various tasks such as AI processing, emulation, gaming, streaming, and more.

Choose your Preferred Nvidia GPU Server Types

Nvidia GPU product line includes a variety of options suitable for different applications, with dedicated solutions optimized for Nvidia servers.
GPU Level
GeForce GPUs
Nvidia GeForce GPUs are crafted for gaming and consumer graphics tasks, spanning multimedia, eSports, virtual reality (VR), and casual computing.
Quadro GPUs
Quadro GPUs
Quadro is NVIDIA's lineup designed specifically for professional users, renowned for their exceptional performance, reliability, and optimized drivers.
Tesla GPUs
Tesla GPUs
Tesla is NVIDIA's line of GPUs tailored for high-performance computing (HPC), scientific simulations, artificial intelligence (AI), and deep learning tasks.

GeForce GPU Server

GeForce GPUs, compatible with DirectX and Vulkan graphics APIs, ensure broad support for gaming titles and graphics applications, alongside hardware-accelerated video decoding and encoding for seamless playback and streaming of HD content.

Furthermore, GeForce GPUs integrate advanced gaming technologies like NVIDIA DLSS, ray tracing, and NVIDIA Reflex, enriching gaming experiences with improved visuals, performance, and responsiveness. To maximize performance and scalability across various workloads, consider leveraging Nvidia servers and Nvidia virtual GPU technology.
GeForce GT Series

GeForce GT Series

The GT series is an entry-level GPUs that offering basic graphics performance for everyday computing tasks, light gaming, multimedia playback, and web browsing. It is commonly used in budget-friendly desktop PCs, server and pre-built systems, providing sufficient graphics power for non-intensive gaming and general-purpose computing.

Check our Nvidia virtual GPU VPS and Nvidia servers with GT710 , GT730.
GeForce GTX Series

GeForce GTX Series

The GTX series offers high-performance graphics processing suitable for demanding gaming applications, VR (Virtual Reality) experiences, and multimedia content creation. It is mainly targeted towards gaming enthusiasts and professionals seeking excellent gaming performance and graphics rendering capabilities.

Check our Nvidia GPU server with GTX 1650 and GTX 1660.
GeForce RTX Series

GeForce RTX Series

GeForce RTX Series is known for real-time ray tracing capabilities using RTX technology, AI-enhanced graphics processing with Tensor cores, DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), and advanced shading technologies. It is ideal for high-end gaming, 3D rendering, content creation, and professional applications requiring real-time ray tracing and AI acceleration.

Check our Nvidia GPU servers with RTX 2060 and RTX 3060 Ti.
GeForce 900

GeForce MX Series

The MX series is designed for laptops, emphasizing power efficiency and moderate gaming performance. Often integrates with Intel CPUs to offer better battery life and improved graphics performance for thin and light laptops. It is suited for mainstream laptops, providing adequate gaming performance for casual gaming, multimedia tasks, and productivity applications.
Geforce Titan Series

Geforce Titan Series

The Titan series is positioned as ultra-high-performance GPUs targeting gaming enthusiasts, professionals, and AI researchers. Offers top-tier performance, extensive memory capacity, and advanced features. It is suitable for demanding gaming at ultra-high resolutions and settings, professional content creation, deep learning, and AI research tasks.
GeForce Series

Different GeForce Series

GeForce series spans performance tiers from high-end (RTX, Titan) to mid-range and entry-level (GTX, MX, GT), catering to diverse needs. Alternatively, the series can be categorized by numerical series, from the older GeForce 700 Series to the latest GeForce 30 Series, each representing advancements in performance and features tailored for gaming, content creation, and professional applications.

Quadro GPU Server

Quadro GPUs are tailored for various professional applications such as CAD/CAM design, digital content creation, scientific computing, and virtual reality, offering high-quality graphics rendering and robust performance to meet the demands of professional users across industries.

Quadro NVS Series

Primarily designed for multi-display and low-power Nvidia workstation setups, the NVS series is suitable for business applications, such as financial trading floors and command centers, where multiple monitors are required for increased productivity.

Quadro M Series

Offering mobile workstation solutions, the M series provides professional-grade graphics performance in laptops, catering to engineers, designers, and content creators who require mobility without sacrificing workstation-class capabilities.

Quadro RTX Series

At the forefront of professional visualization, the RTX series integrates real-time ray tracing and AI-enhanced capabilities, delivering exceptional realism and performance crucial for demanding tasks such as architectural visualization, product design, cinematic rendering, deep learning, data science, and Android Emulator development.

Check our Nvidia GPU servers and Nvidia RTX virtual workstation with RTX T1000, RTX A4000, RTX A5000, RTX A6000, RTX 4060, RTX 4090.

Quadro K Series

Known for professional-grade performance and reliability, the K series is tailored for CAD, CAM, and content creation applications, offering optimized drivers and certified compatibility with professional software suites like Autodesk and Adobe.

Check our Nvidia virtual GPU VPS and Nvidia servers with K620.

Quadro P Series

Featuring Pascal architecture, the P series delivers significant performance improvements and support for advanced visualization tasks, including VR, photorealistic rendering, scientific simulations, Android Emulator, gaming, making it suitable for industries such as architecture, engineering, and medical imaging.

Check our Nvidia virtual GPU VPS and Nvidia servers with P600, P620, P1000.

Tesla GPU Server

Tesla GPUs are optimized for parallel computing and offer significant acceleration for data-intensive workloads. Tesla GPUs are widely used in research institutions, universities, and industries where massive computational power is required for complex calculations and simulations.

Tesla A Series

The A Series represents NVIDIA's cutting-edge GPU technology designed for high-performance computing, advanced visualization, deep learning, and artificial intelligence tasks, catering to a wide range of demanding applications across various industries.

Check our Nvidia server with A40 and A100.

Tesla V Series

The V Series V100 is a high-performance GPU designed for advanced visualization, deep learning, and AI applications.

Check our Nvidia server with V100.

Tesla P Series

Designed for high-performance computing (HPC) and deep learning applications, providing powerful GPU acceleration for scientific simulations and AI workloads.

Check our Nvidia server with Tesla P100.

Tesla K Series

Although, the Tesla K Series is an older generation of Tesla GPUs, their reliability and performance in HPC and scientific computing applications are impressive.

Check our Nvidia server with Tesla K80.

Available Nvidia GPU Servers on Rental

Why Choose the Server with Nvidia GPU?

Compared with other brand GPU, Nvidia GPU offers several advantages.
Accelerated Computing

Accelerated Computing

Nvidia GPUs excel in parallel processing tasks, providing accelerated computing power for complex workloads such as AI, deep learning, and scientific simulations.
High Performance

High Performance

Nvidia GPUs lead the industry in performance, with each new generation bringing significant improvements.
Optimized for AI

Optimized for AI

Nvidia GPU architecture, including CUDA cores and Tensor cores, is purpose-built for AI workloads, enabling faster training and inference times in machine learning models, leading to improved productivity and efficiency.
Wide Range of Applications

Wide Range of Applications

Nvidia is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies, include ray tracing, tensor cores for deep learning acceleration, CUDA cores for parallel processing, RTX technology, DLSS, NVLink for multi GPU communication, G-SYNC for smoother gaming, NVENC/NVDEC for efficient video encoding/decoding, CUDA-X libraries, and Omniverse for collaborative 3D design and simulation.
Excellent Ecosystem

Excellent Ecosystem and Support

Nvidia has built a comprehensive ecosystem encompassing hardware, software, development tools, and platforms, providing developers with rich resources and support. GPU Mart also provide 24/7 professional GPU server support.
Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation

Nvidia continually introduces new products and technologies, driving the development of the entire GPU industry.

FAQ of Nvidia GPU Server Hosting

Are you selling Nvidia graphics cards or Nvidia servers?

We offer server hosting services featuring Nvidia graphics cards, including Nvidia virtual PCs and Nvidia servers. Opting for our complete server hosting services rather than purchasing individual GPUs can significantly reduce your hardware budget.

How do I choose the right GPU instance for my needs?

When choosing a GPU instance, you should consider factors such as the type and complexity of the applications you will be running, the amount of memory and storage you need, and the level of support and customization you require. Additionally, the Nvidia virtual PC/VPS will bring lower performance than a Nvidia server.

Can I customize your server Nvidia GPU?

While we do not offer customized GPU servers by default, we provide 31+ GPU server plans to accommodate various requirements.You'll likely find one that suits your needs. Additionally, many of our servers allow for customization options such as adding extra disk space, CPU, memory, and GPU cards. For more details, please contact us via an email.

How many kinds of Nvidia GPU servers do you provide?

We currently offer over 21 Nvidia GPU server plans, and we are continuously expanding our selection to include more GPU series and brands.

Is your GPU shared on the Nvidia VPS?

No, our GPU resources on the Nvidia virtual compute server are not shared. Each VPS comes with a dedicated GPU card, ensuring that you have access to the full power and resources of the GPU without any sharing or contention. This setup allows you to maximize the performance of your applications and tasks that require GPU acceleration.

How to access your GPU server?

You can remotely access our Nvidia GPU server or Nvidia virtual PC from any local device, such as a mobile phone, laptop, or iPad, simply utilize Remote Desktop or SSH (Secure Shell). This allows for seamless and efficient connectivity, enabling you to leverage the computing power of our resources with ease.