VM with GPU, Rent Dedicated GPU on Virtual Machine for AI/Gaming

Unlock the full potential of your online business with a GPU on virtual machine! Whether you're into gaming, Android emulation, video rendering, AI or deep learning, here offers a versatile range of VMs to fuel your applications. Dive into a world of endless possibilities and supercharge your GPU virtual machine experience.

Choose your GPU Virtual Machine with Dedicated GPU Cards

Explore GPU Mart's VM with GPU, and get a plan for your gaming, Android emulation, video rendering, deep learning, AI training.
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Cheap GPU Dedicated Server

Express GPU VPS - GT730

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  • 8GB RAM
  • 6 CPU Cores
  • 120GB SSD
  • 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Once per 4 Weeks Backup
  • OS: Linux / Windows 10
  • Dedicated GPU: GeForce GT730
  • CUDA Cores: 384
  • GPU Memory: 2GB DDR3
  • FP32 Performance: 0.692 TFLOPSreport

Express GPU VPS - K620

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  • 12GB RAM
  • 9 CPU Cores
  • 160GB SSD
  • 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Once per 4 Weeks Backup
  • OS: Linux / Windows 10
  • Dedicated GPU: Quadro K620
  • CUDA Cores: 384
  • GPU Memory: 2GB DDR3
  • FP32 Performance: 0.863 TFLOPSreport

Basic GPU VPS - P600

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  • 16GB RAM
  • 12 CPU Cores
  • 200GB SSD
  • 200Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Once per 4 Weeks Backup
  • OS: Linux / Windows 10
  • Dedicated GPU: Quadro P600
  • CUDA Cores: 384
  • GPU Memory: 2GB GDDR5
  • FP32 Performance: 1.2 TFLOPSreport

Professional GPU VPS - A4000

Save 50% (Was $179.00)
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  • 32GB RAM
  • 24 CPU Cores
  • 320GB SSD
  • 300Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Once per 2 Weeks Backup
  • OS: Linux / Windows 10
  • Dedicated GPU: Quadro RTX A4000
  • CUDA Cores: 6,144
  • Tensor Cores: 192
  • GPU Memory: 16GB GDDR6
  • FP32 Performance: 19.2 TFLOPSreport
  • Available for Rendering, AI/Deep Learning, Data Science, CAD/CGI/DCC.
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Enhance Workloads with Optional Add-ons

Unlock greater performance and flexibility for your GPU virtual machines and dedicated servers by exploring the optional add-ons.
Optional Add-ons for GPU VPS
Additional CPU Core$5.00/month/Core
Additional Memory$5.00/month/GB
Additional SSD Disk Space$5.00/month/20GBAdded to C: Drive
Additional Dedicated IP$2.00/month/IP (IPv4 or IPv6)ARIN Justification Required. Maximum 8 per package
Addons for GPU Dedicated Server
Additional Memory$40.00/month/32GB
Additional SSD Drives240GB SSD: $9.00/month
960GB SSD: $19.00/month
2TB SSD: $29.00/month
4TB SSD: $49.00/month
Additional NVMe Drives960GB SSD: $19.00/month
2TB SSD: $29.00/month
Additional SATA Drives2TB SATA: $19.00/month
4TB SATA: $29.00/month
8TB SATA: $39.00/month
Shared Hardware Firewall$29.00/monthCisco ASA 5520. Limited-time 40% OFF regular price $49/m.
Dedicated Hardware Firewall$99.00/monthCisco ASA 5520 with superuser access
Bandwidth UpgradeUpgrade to 200Mbps: $10.00/month
Upgrade to 1Gbps: $20.00/month
The bandwidth of your server represents the maximum available bandwidth. Real-time bandwidth usage depends on the current situation in the rack where your server is located and the shared bandwidth with other servers. The speed you experience may also be influenced by your local network and geographical distance from the server.
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Server 2019/2016/2022 Standard Edition x64: $20/month/8 Cores
Remote Data Center Backup (twice per week)40GB Disk Space: $30.00/month
80GB Disk Space: $60.00/month
120GB Disk Space: $90.00/month
160GB Disk Space: $120.00/month
We will use Backup For Workgroups to backup your server data (C: partition only) to our remote data center servers twice per week. You can restore the backup files in your server at any time by yourself.
Additional GPU CardsNvidia Tesla K80: $99.00/month
Nvidia RTX 2060: $99.00/month
Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti: $149.00/month
Nvidia RTX 4060: $149.00/month
Nvidia RTX A4000: $159.00/month
Nvidia RTX A5000: $229.00/month
Additional Dedicated IP$2.00/month/IPv4 or IPv6ARIN Justification Required
HDMI Dummy$15 one time fee

Why Opt for Our GPU Virtual Machine Hosting Services?

Experience the power of our GPU virtual servers featuring high-guaranteed bandwidth, dedicated GPUs, and dedicated IPs. Trust in the expertise of our seasoned GPU machine professionals with years of industry experience.
Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

Our straightforward pricing model ensures there are no hidden fees or unexpected over-use charges. Pay only for the virtual machine with GPU specifications you need, saving you costs and providing clarity in your expenses. No extra fee for technical support.
Reliable 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Reliable 99.9% Uptime

Count on uninterrupted service with our 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring your online presence is consistently available and reliable. 24/7 monitoring system swiftly responds, ensures uninterrupted business operations for clients.
Discover Our USA Infrastructure

Discover Our USA Infrastructure

Located in two state-of-the-art U.S. data centers, our VM with GPU host boasts a robust hardware environment, ample power, and bandwidth resources.
Top-Tier Security

Top-Tier Security

Our virtual machine with GPU are safeguarded by hardware firewalls and robust DDoS protection measures, ensuring the highest level of security for your VM with GPU.
Simple Customer Onboarding

Simple Customer Onboarding

Enjoy an intuitive control panel and user-friendly guidelines for a seamless start to GPU virtual machine hosting. Our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you, whether it's guiding you through software installation or troubleshooting any issues.
Cost-Effective VM with Video Card

Cost-Effective VM with Video Card

GPU Mart provides hosting service with GPU on virtual machine and dedicated servers services. Even on virtual machine, each GPU card is exclusively dedicated to its respective VM, ensuring optimal performance that rivals dedicated servers.

Virtual Desktops and Cloud Gaming

When providing virtual desktop experiences and cloud gaming services, VM with GPU ensures users get high performance and a seamless experience while running graphics-intensive applications in the cloud.
Android Emulator

Run Kinds of Android Emulators with Nvidia GPU on a Virtual Machine

Explore the world of Android emulation on virtual machines with GPU acceleration (GT730, K620, GTX 1660 .etc). Unlock enhanced performance as you run a variety of Android emulators, such as BlueStack, LDPlayer, seamlessly leveraging the power of dedicated graphics processing for an optimized experience.
Data Analysis and Visualization

Data Analysis and Visualization

Large-scale data analysis and visualization tasks often require rapid computing capabilities. Our Nvidia GPU Virtual machine can accelerate data analysis tools and visualization software, enhancing the efficiency of processing large datasets.
Graphics Processing and Rendering

Graphics Processing and Rendering

Our Nvidia GPU on virtual machines excel in graphics processing and rendering, making them ideal for graphic design, game development, and video editing tasks. They ensure a smoother and more efficient experience with software such as Autodesk Maya, Blender, and Cinema 4D. Consider options like P620, GTX 1660, RTX 3060 Ti, or A4000 for optimal performance in these applications.
Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

GPU acceleration is crucial in deep learning as it speeds up both training and inference processes of neural networks. Popular deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Keras can run on GPU machines, such as K80, V100, A5000, RTX 4090, enhancing the speed of model training.

FAQ of GPU Virtual Machine

What is VM with GPU?

A VM with GPU refers to a Windows or Linux virtual machine that is equipped with a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). A virtual machine is an emulation of a computer system that runs on a physical host machine. The inclusion of a GPU on virtual machine allows for the virtualized environment to leverage the processing power and capabilities of a dedicated graphics card.

How to avoid emulator crashing on your GPU virtual machine?

To prevent emulator crashes on our GPU machines, ensure there is ample free disk space. The emulator checks for a minimum of 2 GB of free space on startup; if insufficient, it won't initiate. If you encounter startup issues, verify available disk space or consider upgrading to a high-capacity GPU server. Uncertain about the plan's suitability? You can avail yourself of a GPU VPS free trial before making a purchase. Simply include a '24-hour free trial' note when submitting your order.

Can I use GPU VMs for gaming or graphics-intensive applications?

Yes, you can use GPU virtual machines (VMs) for gaming and graphics-intensive applications. GPU VMs are designed to provide the computational power of dedicated graphics processing units within a virtualized environment. Leveraging parallel processing, support for graphics APIs like DirectX and OpenGL, and resource isolation, our virtual machines provide the power for you to enjoy one or more dedicated GPU cards, ensuring a superior gaming experience.

What is the difference between CPU and GPU?

Central Processing Units (CPUs) and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) serve distinct roles in computing. CPUs are versatile workhorses, adept at handling a variety of tasks, especially those requiring complex logic and sequential processing. On the other hand, GPUs are specialized processors designed for parallel processing, making them particularly efficient for tasks involving massive data parallelism, such as machine learning, image processing, gaming, and Android Emulators.

How do you calculate the cost of GPU server rental?

The cost of GPU server rental is calculated according to the usage time and the hardware resources such as GPU model, quantity, storage and bandwidth. You can choose your own solutions according to your needs. Even if an upgrade is necessary after your purchase, you will only need to pay for the price difference for remaining service time.

Can I run BlueStacks, LDPlayers on your VM with GPU?

Our cloud VM with GPU are finely tuned to handle resource-intensive applications like BlueStacks, LDPlayer, NoxPlayer, Genymotion, and MEmu Play. With the multi-instance functionality, users can efficiently run multiple applications on the same virtual server, making it an ideal solution for seamless multitasking.

What workloads are suitable for GPU virtual machine?

GPU Mart's cloud GPU servers are designed to cater to a versatile range of workloads, including:
Machine Learning and Deep Learning: Empower your models with high-performance GPU acceleration.
Data Science and Analytics: Analyze large datasets seamlessly for insightful decision-making.
Computer Vision: Enhance image and video processing with GPU-powered computer vision.
Simulation and Modeling: Run complex simulations and models efficiently in the cloud.
3D Rendering and Animation: Accelerate rendering tasks for stunning visuals and animations.
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): Provide a smooth virtual desktop experience with GPU support.
Video Editing and Rendering: Edit and render videos with enhanced speed and efficiency.
Gaming: Enjoy an immersive gaming experience with powerful GPU resources.
Genomic Sequencing and Bioinformatics: Process genomic data swiftly for advanced bioinformatics research.
CAD and Engineering Simulations: Conduct detailed engineering simulations and CAD tasks effortlessly.

Can I use your cheap VM with GPU for mining ?

VM with GPU for mining may not be the most efficient choice. For mining operations, the Nvidia Tesla dedicated servers series is recommended due to its specialized design for enterprise-level deployments.

While our affordable VMs with GPUs are well-suited for tasks like Android emulation and gaming, their primary focus is on these applications rather than intensive mining operations.

When should I choose a Windows GPU server?

Opt for Windows GPU VM if your applications or software stack are optimized for Windows environments. Windows GPU servers are particularly beneficial for tasks requiring a graphical user interface, such as design software or virtual desktop environments, where the familiarity of the Windows interface enhances user experience.

Can you provide a customized VM with GPU based on our requirements?

Our existing standard GPU server can meet most requirements. we do not provide customized servers. If you really require it, please send an email to [email protected].