Cloud GPU Server Hosting, Dedicated Server with Nvidia GPU 

Cloud GPU Server Hosting, Dedicated Server with Nvidia GPU 

Cloud GPU provides parallel and powerful computing power. It is an ideal choice for many scenes such as video processing, visualization, scientific computing, Machine Learning, and deep learning.

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Basic GPU Server

Nvidia Tesla K40

For High-performance computing and large data workloads, such as deep learning and AI reasoning.

Starting at



  • 64 GB RAM
  • Eight-Core Xeon E5-2670
  • 120GB SSD + 960GB SSD
  • 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Monthly: 129.00/m
  • Semi-Annually: 124.00/m
  • Annually: 119.00/m
  • Biennially: 109.00/m
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Professional GPU Server

Nvidia Tesla K80

For High-performance computing and large data workloads, such as deep learning and AI reasoning.

Starting at



  • 128 GB RAM
  • Dual 10-Core E5-2660v2
  • 120GB SSD + 960GB SSD
  • 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Monthly: 199.00/m
  • Semi-Annually: 189.00/m
  • Annually: 179.00/m
  • Biennially: 159.00/m

Advanced GPU Server

Nvidia RTX A4000

For professionals. It delivers real-time ray tracing, AI accelerated computing, and high-performance graphics to desktops.

Starting at



  • 128 GB RAM
  • Dual 12-Core E5-2697v2
  • 240GB SSD + 2TB SSD
  • 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
  • GPU: Nvidia RTX A4000
  • CUDA Cores: 6144
  • Tensor Cores: 192
  • GPU Memory: 16GB
  • Performance: 19.2 TFLOPS
  • Monthly: 299.00/m
  • Semi-Annually: 281.00/m
  • Annually: 262.00/m
  • Biennially: 225.00/m

Advanced GPU Server

Nvidia RTX A5000

Achieve an excellent balance between function, performance, and reliability. Assist designers, engineers, and artists to realize their visions.

Starting at



  • 128GB RAM
  • Dual 12-Core E5-2697v2
  • 240GB SSD + 2TB SSD
  • 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Monthly: 349.00/m
  • Semi-Annually: 329.00/m
  • Annually: 309.00/m
  • Biennially: 269.00/m
More cloud GPU plans for large gaming, deep learning, and AI

Hosted GPU Dedicated Server on Powerful Cloud Platform

Our cheap Nvidia GPU cloud hosting services, which come with high guaranteed bandwidth and two dedicated IPs, are backed by cloud GPU hosting experts with years of experience.
A Range of GPU Models

A Range of GPU Models

The GPU models include NVIDIA K40, K80, A2, RTX A4000, A10, and RTX A5000. The GPUs combine a range of compute options to cover your needs for various business workloads.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Nvidia GPU cloud servers allow designers to rapidly iterate by shortening the rendering time. You can invest your time in innovation rather than rendering or computing, and your team productivity will be significantly improved.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Resources allocated to users are fully isolated to ensure data security. GPU Mart protects against DDoS from the edge fast while ensuring legitimate traffic of Nvidia GPU cloud server is not compromised.

Clear Local Resources

Clear Local Resources

Running large Machine Learning models or rendering tasks can slow down your computer. You can consider outsourcing the computing power to the cloud, and the cloud GPU server will not consume your local resources.

Low Costs

Low Costs

Instead of purchasing high-power physical Nvidia GPU servers at a high price, you can achieve the same level of performance by renting Nvidia GPU cloud servers at a lower cost every month.

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

Multiple Nvidia GPU cloud server plans can meet your increased workload or meet your changing needs as your business expands.

Deep Learning

GPU Cloud Server for Deep Learning

Cloud GPU is useful for deep learning tasks because it helps reduce training time by simply running all operations at the same time rather than one by one.
GPU can efficiently deal with complex operations and contribute to deep learning functions such as matrix operation, only computing preconditions, and computing power.

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At GPU Mart, we are dedicated to providing quality products and services to achieve clients' satisfaction. When renting a Nvidia GPU cloud server, you have direct access to the server and can use them for any task.

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FAQs of Cloud GPU Server

What can Nvidia GPU cloud servers be used for?

Nvidia GPU cloud servers use less energy to accomplish the same tasks and place lower demands on the supplies that power them. It is an excellent solution in cases where high-performance computing combined with low cost is essential.

Do you offer a free trial for the cloud GPU server hosting?

Yes, we provide a 3-day free trial for new clients to test if the cloud GPU server hosting can meet your needs. If you'd like to claim a free trial, please send a Live Chat message to us.

What is a cloud GPU?

The cloud graphics processing unit (GPU) provides hardware acceleration for applications without the need to deploy the GPU on the user's local device. Common use cases of cloud GPU include:
Visual workloads: powerful server/desktop applications often use highly graphical content. Cloud GPU can be used to accelerate video coding, rendering, and streaming media, as well as computer-aided design (CAD) applications.
Computational workload: large-scale mathematical modeling, deep learning, and analysis require the parallel processing capability of the general graphics processing unit (GPGPU) kernel.

Can I upgrade or downgrade to another plan of Nvidia GPU Cloud server?

Yes. you can change the Nvidia GPU cloud server plan to meet your changing needs. We offer multiple cloud GPU servers for scenes such as video processing, visualization, scientific computing, and deep learning.
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