BlueStacks GPU Hosting, VPS for BlueStacks


Choose a GPU Server for BlueStacks Hosting

Choose a plan based on the number of BlueStacks instance and what Apps you will be running.
Lite GPU - GT730
Nvidia GeForce GT 730

Starting at



  • 16GB RAM
  • Quad-Core Intel Xeon E3-1230
  • 120GB SSD + 960GB SSD
  • 100Mbps-1Gbps Bandwidth
  • BlueStacks Instances: 4-7
  • GPU: Nvidia GT730 2GB
Express GPU - P620
Nvidia Quadro P620

Starting at



  • 32 GB RAM
  • Eight-Core Intel Xeon E5-2670
  • 120GB SSD + 960GB SSD
  • 100Mbps-1Gbps Bandwidth
  • BlueStacks Instances: 8-12
  • GPU: Nvidia Quadro P620 2GB, GTX750 Ti alternative (compare)
Express GPU - P1000
Nvidia Quadro P1000

Starting at



  • 32 GB RAM
  • Eight-Core Xeon E5-2690
  • 120GB SSD + 960GB SSD
  • 100Mbps-1Gbps Bandwidth
  • BlueStacks Instances: Apps 10-20,3D games 2-4
  • GPU: Nvidia Quadro P1000 4GB, GTX1050 Ti alternative (compare)
New Arrival
Basic GPU-GTX 1650
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650

Starting at



  • 64 GB RAM
  • Ten-Core Xeon E5-2660v3
  • 120GB SSD + 960GB SSD
  • 100Mbps-1Gbps Bandwidth
  • BlueStacks Instances: Apps 10-20, 3D games -2-4
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB, more powerful than GTX 1050Ti (compare)

Features of BlueStacks GPU Hosting Server Plans

Support, management, and software features included in all BlueStacks GPU hosting server plans.

Support and Management Features for BlueStacks GPU Hosting Server
Remote Access (RDP/SSH) RDP for Windows server and SSH for Linux Server
Control Panel Free Free install SolidCP for Windows or ISPConfig for Linux
Administrator Permission You have full control of your dedicated server.
24x7x365 Support We offer 24/7 tech support via Ticket and Livechat
Server Manual Reboot Free --
Hardware Replacement Free --
Operating System Re-Installation Free Maximum twice a month and $25.00 each time for additional reloads
Software Features for BlueStacks GPU Hosting Server
Operating System Optional Free CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, VMWare.
Microsoft Windows Server 2019/2016/2022/2012 R2 Standard Edition x64:$20/m
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Evaluation: 90-day free trial. Please purchase a Win10 Pro license by yourself after the trial period.
Free Shared DNS Service --
Optional Add-ons for BlueStacks GPU Hosting Server
Additional Memory $40.00/month/32GB --
Additional SATA Drives 2TB SATA: $19.00/month
4TB SATA: $29.00/month
Additional SSD Drives 240GB SSD: $9.00/month
960GB SSD: $19.00/month
2TB SSD: $29.00/month
4TB SSD: $49.00/month
Additional Dedicated IP $2.00/month/IPv4 ARIN Justification Required
Shared Hardware Firewall $49.00/month Cisco ASA 5505
Dedicated Hardware Firewall $99.00/month Cisco ASA5505 with superuser access
Bandwidth Upgrade Upgrade to 200Mbps: $10.00/month
Upgrade to 1Gbps: $20.00/month

What Can BlueStacks VPS Servers Help You?

Run Bots

Running supercharged bots for your favorite game outperforms other bots on slower infrastructure. Purchase GPU BlueStacks servers to unlock the true potential of your robots.

Run the bot
Improve Social Media Marketing Campaigns

With a BlueStacks GPU hosting server, your campaigns will always run without consuming resources on your phone or PC.

social media marketing campaigns
Get a Better Experience When Running Your Android Applications

A GPU server allows you to enjoy a larger screen and keyboard operation, especially during gaming.

better experience
Test Your Android Applications

Testing apps on one emulator by simply changing the device profile rather than switching between multiple physical devices.

android applications

Dedicated GPU Servers Increase Game Performance on BlueStacks 5

GPU Servers Improve Game Performance

A GPU server can provide an FPS boost, allowing you to hit that 60FPS mark in various games. Having a higher FPS ensures you have the smoothest animations and minimal latency while playing games.

After enabling dedicated GPU, users who face lag will notice an increase in performance, which allows for a more enjoyable experience inside BlueStacks 5.

You will be able to play your favorite games at the highest settings possible, depending on your choice of GPU. This provides for a more enriching graphical experience.

BlueStacks GPU hosting server has the ability to run multiple games in multiple tabs by running instances.

Download and Install a Specific BlueStack Version on Your GPU Server

Useful Articles for VPS BlueStacks Practice

Android Emulator

Use Facebook with BlueStacks on GPU Server

This article will help you understand a few basic steps for using Facebook on BlueStacks 5.

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Android Emulator

Download & Use KineMaster with BlueStacks on GPU Server

KineMaster is a video player & editor app developed by KineMaster Corporation. BlueStacks app player is the best platform to download this Android app on your PC or server for your everyday needs.

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Android Emulator

Download & Play Rise of Kingdoms with BlueStacks on GPU Server

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is a strategy game developed by LilithGames. BlueStacks app player is the best platform to play this Android game on your PC or server for an immersive Android experience.

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VPS BlueStacks FAQs

What apps can I run on my BlueStacks VPS?

You can run any app supported by the BlueStacks emulator; that is to say, there are more than 1.5 million games and apps to choose from. It's doubtful you will ever need something you can't install and run on our BlueStacks VPS server.

Do I need a phone or a SIM card to create social media accounts?

Not at all! You can even create a WhatsApp account without needing either an actual phone or a SIM card number. That's why our affordable BlueStacks VPS plans are so great for setting up and managing messaging bots and social media marketing.

How to install BlueStacks?

You can install BlueStacks for Windows 7, Windows 10, or other Windows Operting Systems.
To install BlueStacks on your server, simply do the following:
1. Download the .exe/.dmg file.
2. Once the download is complete, just follow the prompts.
3. After the first boot is complete, sign in with your Gmail account or add it later.
In case you don't have a Gmail account, you can sign in with another one by following a few simple steps.

Does the server support playing the same game from different accounts or playing multiple games at the same time?

Our BlueStacks GPU hosting server supports multiple BlueStacks instances, and the Multi-Instance Manager makes it easy to play your favorite Strategy and Gacha games.

How to create and manage instances using the Multi-Instance Manager on BlueStacks 5?

You can create multiple instances of BlueStacks 5 and manage them easily using the Multi-instance Manager. You can use these instances to play several games together, using different accounts at the same time, farm more easily in many games and much more!

How to upload and share media files on BlueStacks 5?

You can import media files, such as images or videos, and share them quickly across various apps on BlueStacks 5 by dragging and dropping them on the app screen.

Can I buy a Android emulator VPS?

Yes, you can. However, using only VPS for Android emulators is not the best choice. We recommend using our cheap graphics card emulator servers, the best alternative to VPS Android emulator servers, for running emulators. These GPU emulator servers are perfectly compatible with all emulators and deliver a better experience at a low cost.

How to enable Virtualization (VT) on Windows 10 for BlueStacks 5?

Virtualization enables you to run a different operating system, such as Android, on your desktop/laptop. BlueStacks uses this virtual environment to provide you with a platform where you can play Android games and use various apps with ease.
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