Dedicated GeForce GT 710 GPU Hosting


Hosted Dedicated GeForce GT 710 Server Pricing

GeForce GT 710 pairs with Quad-Core Xeon CPU and 16GB RAM delivering high performance for your home games and Android emulators.
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Nvidia GeForce GT 710

GT 710 is suitable for home games and Android emulators, such as BlueStacks and MEmu Play.
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 710
Microarchitecture: Kepler
Max GPU: 1
CUDA Cores: 192
GPU Memory: 1GB
Quad-Core Xeon X3440
120GB SSD + 960GB SSD
100Mbps-1Gbps Bandwidth
Supported OS: Windows & Linux
$ 45.00/m

Purchase a Computer with GPU VS. Rent a GPU Server

Which one suits you better?
Purchasing GPUs
  • Excellent when equipped with adequate hardware
  • Expensive
  • Need extra cost when updating
  • Once your research or project ends, you may be left with a high-powered machine with nothing to do.
  • You cannot guarantee that your local computer will be turned on 24 hours a day, nor can you resist an unexpected power outage that may cause your machine to fail.
Renting GPUs
  • High performance as local GPU Servers
  • Low Cost
  • Managed by hosting provider
  • GPU instance can be turned on or off at any time, and upgrade or downgrade depending on your hardware needs.
  • 99.9% uptime and 24*7 expert hardware monitoring ensure the stable operation of your applications and services, so that your users can have a better experience.

GPU Specifications on GT 710 GPU Server

GeForce GT 710 hosting servers make your entire PC experience fast. Enjoy up to 10x better performance than integrated graphics in all your PC multimedia applications.
GPU Microarchitecture Kepler
CUDA Cores 192
Memory Bus Width 64 bit
Memory Clock Speed 1600 MHz
Memory Bandwidth 14.4 GB/s
Memory 1GB DDR3
System Interface PCI Express Gen 2 x 8
GPU Clock speed 902 MHz
3DMark Fire Strike Score 932
GeekBench 5 CUDA 1519
GeekBench 5 OpenCL 2026
GeekBench 5 Vulkan 1907

GPU Features in GeForce GT 710 Hosting Server

Hosted dedicated server with GeForce GT 710 graphics delivers superior performance over integrated graphics.

NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD Technology

The combination of high-definition video decode acceleration and post-processing that delivers stunning picture clarity, smooth video, accurate color, and precise image scaling for movies and video.

TrueHD and DTS-HD Audio Bitstreaming

Full support for TrueHD and DTS-HD advanced lossless multi-channel HD audio codecs brings the rich sound of the master recording to your living room.

GeForce Experience™

Ensures the best gaming experience, the day a game releases, by automatically updating your game-ready drivers.Plus, GeForce experience allows users to optimize the game settings to their PC with a single click.

NVIDIA PhysX® Technology

Enables a totally new class of physical gaming interaction for a more dynamic and realistic experience with GeForce.

NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync

Dynamically enables vertical sync based on your current frame rates for the smoothest gaming experience.

NVIDIA CUDA™ Technology

Unlocks the power of the GPU’s processor cores to accelerate the most demanding tasks such as videotranscoding, physics simulation, ray tracing, and more, delivering incredible performance improvements over traditional CPUs.


Support for HDMI including GPU accelerated Blu-ray 3D support, x.v.Color, HDMI Deep Color, and 7.1 digital surround sound.

Dual-link DVI

Able to drive flat-panel displays up to 2560x1600 resolution over a DVI connector.

What Can Be Run on GeForce GT 710 GPU Hosting Server?


Batman: Arkham Origins


Splinter Cell: Blacklist


DmC: Devil May Cry


Call of Duty


Grand Theft Auto 5










Android Studio





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