Best 5 GPU Server Hosting Providers 2024

Finding a cost-effective GPU server is not an easy task. This article selects the 5 best GPU hosting providers on the market, allowing you to easily choose the right provider and its products that fit your needs.

With the rapid growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and compute-intensive applications, the demand for high-performance computing has surged in the market. An increasing number of businesses and individuals are leveraging the powerful capabilities of graphics processing units (GPUs) to handle their computational needs. GPU server hosting providers have emerged as an important solution. In this article, we will explore the top five GPU server hosting providers in 2024, detailing their service overviews, market positioning, customer support, advantages, and disadvantages.

Top 1. GPUMart: A Leader in GPU Server Hosting


GPUMart has established itself as a leader in the GPU server hosting industry, catering to a wide range of clients from AI researchers and developers to enterprises requiring high-performance computing (HPC). Their offerings include a variety of GPU models to meet diverse performance needs, from budget-friendly options to high-end GPUs like NVIDIA A40\A100 and RTX 4090\A6000. GPUMart's servers are designed to handle the most demanding applications, making them ideal for deep learning, AI training, and large-scale data analysis.


GPUMart offers various plans to suit different requirements:

Lite Plan: Ideal for small-scale projects, this plan includes a single NVIDIA GT 710/GT730/K620 GPU, 16 GB RAM, and 1 TB storage, priced at $45/month.

Advanced Plan: Suitable for larger projects, this plan includes NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti\RTX A4000\RTX A5000 GPUs, 128 GB RAM, and 2+ TB storage, priced at $179/month.

Enterprise Plan: Designed for heavy-duty applications, this plan includes NVIDIA RTX 4090\RTX A6000\A100 GPUs, 256 GB RAM, and 10+ TB storage, priced at $409/month.


Price Advantage: GPUMart offers competitive pricing, making high-performance GPU servers accessible to a broader audience.

Selection Diversity: A vast array of GPUs, from budget options to high-end models like NVIDIA A100 and RTX 4090, catering to different performance needs and budgets.

Customer Service: Timely and knowledgeable customer support ensures any issues are swiftly resolved, maximizing uptime and productivity.


Scalability: While excellent for small to medium-scale projects, large enterprises might find limited scalability options compared to some larger providers.

Geographical Availability: Data centers are primarily located in U.S. certain regions, which may not offer optimal latency for all users globally.

Technical Support

GPUMart offers comprehensive technical support, including:

24/7 Live Chat: Instant assistance for any queries or issues.

Email Support: Detailed responses to technical questions and concerns.

Knowledge Base: An extensive library of tutorials, guides, and FAQs.

Target Customers

GPUMart's GPU server hosting services are tailored for:

Data Scientists: For machine learning, deep learning, and data analytics.

AI Developers: For AI model training, inference, and deployment.

Researchers: For scientific simulations, data processing, and visualization.

Gamers: For high-performance gaming and streaming.

Top 2. Hostkey


Hostkey is a well-known GPU server solution provider, offering a wide range of services for AI, deep learning, and other GPU-intensive applications. With strategically located data centers in Europe and North America, Hostkey ensures global coverage and enhanced performance for its diverse customer base.


Hostkey offers a wide range of GPU models, including NVIDIA Tesla and RTX series, such as Tesla H100 80GB and A100 80GB. These servers are ideal for demanding applications such as AI acceleration, processing large datasets, and tackling complex high-performance computing (HPC) tasks.


Ready GPU servers: Pre-installed Tensorflow and Pytorch for model training.

Custom GPU Hosting: Build your server equipped with professional RTX A5000 and RTX A4000 cards.

GPU diversity: A range of options, from cost-effective game cards to cutting-edge latest-gen professional cards.


User Interface: The management interface can be less intuitive than some competitors.

Setup Time: Longer setup times compared to some other providers.

Technical Support

Hostkey offers 24/7 technical support through various channels, including live chat, phone, and email. However, customer feedback indicates that the quality of support can vary, with some users experiencing slower response times and less effective resolutions.

Target Customers

Hostkey targets small to medium-sized businesses, developers, and startups looking for cost-effective and scalable GPU solutions. They are particularly attractive to those who need flexible contract terms and global reach.

Top 3. Cherry Servers


Founded with a focus on delivering reliable and customizable hosting solutions, Cherry Servers has grown to become a trusted name in the industry. They offer a range of GPU configurations tailored for different use cases, such as Deep Learning, Graphical Design and Rendering, and Crypto-currency Mining.

Cherry Servers

One of Cherry Servers' main strengths is their high level of customizability. Customers can configure their servers to meet specific needs, choosing from a variety of GPUs, storage options, and networking capabilities. This flexibility ensures that clients can optimize their infrastructure for their particular workloads, enhancing performance and efficiency.


Customizability: High degree of server customization to meet specific needs.

Performance: Excellent performance with top-tier GPUs like the NVIDIA Tesla series.

Security: Strong emphasis on security with DDoS protection and compliance with various standards.


Pricing: Higher costs compared to some competitors.

GPU diversity: Few choices, mainly NVIDIA Tesla series cards.

Complexity: Can be complex to configure for users without advanced technical knowledge.

Technical Support

Cherry Servers provides 24/7 support with dedicated account managers and a responsive technical support team. However, response times can be slower during peak periods, which might be a concern for users requiring immediate assistance.

Target Customers

Cherry Servers empower small and medium businesses with massive parallel processing capabilities, making graphical rendering, scientific modeling, machine learning and other parallel computing solutions easily accessible. Whether you need a single GPU server or whole GPU cluster, Cherry Servers can easily deliver it in minutes.

Top 4. OVHcloud


OVHcloud is a global cloud service provider known for its comprehensive range of hosting solutions. GPU instances leverage NVIDIA Tesla V100S graphic processors to deliver the power and performance needed for massive parallel processing, including machine learning and deep learning projects. They are available on demand and can be purchased on a monthly or hourly basis. As opposed to renting a dedicated server, with GPU cloud you have access to on-demand resources ensuring you always have the exact bandwidth and processing power you need.


Fast network: Public network 10 Gbps, private network 4 Gbps max.

NVIDIA GPU Cloud: To provide the best user experience, OVHcloud and NVIDIA have partnered up to offer an excellent platform to deploy and maintain GPU-accelerated containers.

Flexible payment: Support hourly and monthly payment.


Complexity: Can be complex to set up and manage for beginners.

Few GPU options: Focus on a single card, Tesla V100S 32GB.

Latency Issues: Potential latency issues for users far from data centers.

Technical Support

OVHcloud provides 24/7 support with varying levels of service depending on the plan. They offer a comprehensive knowledge base and ticket-based support, but user feedback suggests that response times can sometimes be slow.

Target Customers

OVHcloud targets a wide range of customers, from small businesses to large enterprises. Designed for deep learning high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Top 5. Hetzner


Hetzner is located in Germany, it is a dedicated server provider with servers equipped with affordable dedicated GPUs Nvidia RTX™ 4000 SFF Ada Generation (20GB GDDR6 ECC). It is ideal for AI inference, and it is able to run trained AI models, providing a perfect entry point for developers, companies, and researchers. The main AI use cases are: Natural Language Processing, Multimodal AI Applications, Computer Vision.


Flexible Payment: Support hourly and monthly payment.

Perfect for AI Inference: Specially optimized for such scenarios, deliver fast, precise answers with minimal latency and energy consumption.

Hetzner Community: Share your expertise, get rewarded for your writing.


Customer Support: Limited customer support options.

OS Support: Only supports Ubuntu 22.04 and Windows Server 2022.

Few GPU Options: Focus on NVIDIA RTX™ 4000 SFF Ada generation GPU.

Technical Support

Hetzner provides 24/7 support through a ticket system, with additional options for phone support. Their support quality is generally reliable, though some users report that response times can be longer than desired.

Target Customers

Hetzner targets small to medium-sized businesses, developers, and enterprises looking for cost-effective and reliable dedicated GPU servers.

Summary Table

ProviderPriceGPU DiversityCustomer ServicePerformanceScalabilityEase of Use
Cherry Servers★★★☆☆★★★★☆★★★☆☆★★★★☆★★★★☆★★★★☆


GPUMart emerges as a leading GPU server hosting provider in 2024, offering a compelling combination of price, selection, and customer support. While other providers like Cherry Servers, Hostkey, OVHcloud and Hetzner offer some alternatives, GPUMart's balanced approach makes it a top choice for many businesses and researchers in need of reliable and affordable GPU server hosting.