Client Comments for GPU Mart


Client Comments for GPU Mart

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Sherry X very friendly I really love their service thanks sherry my english not too good because I am from Bangladesh but I do my best review thanks databasemart


Excelente atención, pudo comprender rapidamente mi solicitur y procesarlo por mi


Quality support as always, congratulations for all the professionals


Great work! Looking forward to a better server and new start with you folks.


Cody was a great help. He has really great skills. Cliff Salaun


Cathy support is awesome, I am Extremely Satisfied. Keep it up Cathy! See you soon.RegardsJAI


I would like to acknowledge your customer service professionals. They have always been courteous and profession. Thank you SO much.


The first agent was dismissive, like "It works. Prove to me that it doesn't". The second, Jay, actually did some work to fix it. Thanks to Jay!


I really appreciate the prompt and manners of response in which the team handles customers.


I really appreciate the continued professionalism the DataBaseMart saff is giving. Much is greatly appreciated. This is the best service by any standards.


Thank you so much for your time, understanding and support Alina :)


Agent was good. A bit disappointed of the server being out of stock but it's not the agents fault.


Very professional and provided quick actions ! extremely pleased with the service I received.


Holly smoke, Cathy's help was not only invaluable. it enables me to move forward on a Sunday afternoon. Very much appreciated.


Really appreciate being given the technical details of the failure, and, most of all, finding out about the Server Status page that I was totally unaware of.


customer service was awesome my confidence was reestablished on account of the customer service I received thank you again


I love everything about database response of the support team is second to none and I would really love to corporate with them for long term


Jay was very kind. He handled my issues very well.Thank you, Jay


Angelica Y is the most helpful support agent ive ever encountered in any online or in person services. Absolutely amazing.


I am totally satisfied with the service! They always solve my problems in a timely manner. Thank you very much!


Your service is great. Fast response and kindly attention. Excellent work. From the side of recomendations, we work a lot with servers with Linux as operating system. I, personally, work with that operating system for more than 20 years and is always evolving. I think we all benefit from always improving our skills managing that system. Greetings!


No matter which department of your company, they have helped me quicklythank you very much


The agents have been very helpful. Where there was an observation from my part, they were quick to adjust to accommodate my complain. Keep this attitude towards your customers going. We am still tweaking our app to get the best performance but your agents/support team have been providing assistance (even though sometimes delayed)


Thank you for the awesome and outstanding service RyanH. You know the product and you have a heart for your customers


I alwasy get a fast turnaround time from the support and I'm happy as they resolve it quickly. IT hwy I have been a customer for 5 years


Feedback from the support team was fast and professional, the problem is solved.The support team is a great professional team.


Thank you for understanding our issue and opening ticket Sherry X.


Calla is awesome. You guys are awesome. best customer service i have ever had on the web :)

01/05/2022[email protected]***@***

Shane was extremely responsive and had my issue resolved promptly. Awesome support.


The staff support team was soo good, and was friendly to help me out with my issue that I was trying to fix for like 4 hours. Thanks!


dear i need your help , i have system work windows 10 , can i buy Express Linux VPS and work it without any problem


Tracy X was very professional and helpful. I was given information to quickly resolve my issue myself.


issue unresolved - due to ISP outage/degredation in my area I can't seem to complete a support request


Thanks for the attention and effort to make those changes, great work


Hello please i have another question. I want buy server But the price changes when I click on order now ,for example for example i want select basic linux VPS (3.59 per month) After pressing, a new price appears(12.99 + fee setup)


wonderful support and i will recommend databasemart to everyone.


Agent was great, but your site wouldn't let me complete my transaction smoothly and that scared me off as a customer.


Thank you so much Rena and Team DBM for your help, understanding and supporting us :)


I'm a quite good programmer, but have limited experience setting up and managing servers. I really appreciate the support and suggestions you provided me recently. I had a serious performance problem, not caused by your infrastructure but by my lack of experience with SSL effects. Your support staff worked with me through several rounds of suggestions to help me find my feet. The analysis report you provided, plus a recommendation from a friend, led me to a new approach which solved the problem.


sadly was not able to resolve my problem but still very helpful.


The agent was kind, she also guided me on how she could help me.Great service.


Fast and knowledgeable customer service I have been with database mart for a long time and have never been disappointed. Keep up the great work!


Excelente y trato amable, atención personalizada, esperamos solucionar nuestros problemas iniciales y nos apoyen con la implementacion del servicio PVS y la activacion de nuestro Certificado de seguridad SSL al dominio Muchas gracias


My request was responded to promptly. My issue was resolved in a timely manner. Good customer support.


Support agent was a great help guiding me in the direction needed! Thanks!


Angelica was great to deal with and new exactly what needed to be done. Thanks Angelica!


It was a very nice experience with the support member. I forgot the name but the support member was great. Keep it up.


The agent is excellent, he helped me solve problems with the product


I had to come back to figure out a few things. I got the same agent and he helped me out. He was great! Thank you :)


I was really disappointed that my VM was reloaded by a technician on accident. I don't understand how that could have happened.However, support responded very fast and had a backup restored within minutes of submitting a ticket. This makes me feel confident in their ability to respond to other incidents should they arise.Great job, support!


He clarified all my doubts in a very professional and patient manner.Very good service!


Thank you very much for everything. I am a very happy customers of yours. Please keep up the good work.


Henry D did an amazing job knowing what I needed and providing a solution to my problem. Thanks!


Support is always top of the line! One of my many reasons I'm a happy customer!


cathy it a great support that I experience in all platform give them treat or rewards for good services can she made


Ok thanks for all your collaboration, we appreciate your prompt response

07/21/2022cno***@*** remains the best company I have ever worked with online so far.Starting from their products to the swiftness at which the support/billing agents attend to matters, everything is just extremely satisfying and incomparable.I strongly recommend to everyone in need of VPS and other related products they have to offer.Also, I mustn't forget to talk about their affiliate program. It's the best affiliate program I've participated so far and I have no regrets working with them. They payment is without delays and with high level of faithfulness and trust.I am most grateful for all their assistance and for the opportunity of working with this amazing company.


Database Mart tech support is consistently excellent, patiently helping me through tech issues I'm not familiar with.I switched to Database Mart SSL Certificates to take advantage of this help.


Happy with excellent service rendered and received from query was resolved in no time.


Even-though i did not know what happen, after checking ping timeout goes away


Support obtained and installed my SSL renewal on my behalf. Excellent help for a task which is not for the faint hearted! Well done and thank you.


One think that i enjoy, is to take a survey for you.Absolutely great


Sherry X. did well in addressing my currently unresolvable issues. I think that I will use chat more often due to this positive and effective experience.


The service was excellent from you guys all around. Only had to take a break while get moved and settled.


He’s very good he’s excellent worker you can understand very well one of the best.


Good quality product/good value to purchase.Good customer care.


Thank you so much for installing the cert and working with me on this through several open tickets


Jay P solved my issue and then helped me with other questions; great wok


he is very good ,just please dont forget to open port 25 in my server ,thanks so much


I just started with So far I am very satisfied.


Jonathan once again recure me from server error which caused via SSL / TLS certificationshe had great spirit to help people in need


Still seems like the support team is under staffed. Requesting to have a new OS installed only took 15 minutes when we first put up our latest VPS, now they are saying 1-2 hours. Still like your service but it is difficult to wait when we need something so important!

03/09/2022[email protected]***@***

Super helpful and very knowledgeable. If only every company had support this good!


I'm very happy with the response times and support from your organization. So far any issue that we have had you have been very amicable to work with us to a satisfactory conclusion. This is rare with services these days and very much appreciated.


Jay is best when it comes to get the things back to normal. Thank you for helping me out.


The best customer service I have ever chatted with. fast with prompt response.


Mr T. provided splendid, professional help, holding the line and eye contact like a champ he is. Now this happy customer can continue on his project knowing that his remote DB is alive and well. Thank you Mr T.


great server , honestly couldnt of asked for better support was amazing. thanks


Not happy with the result but the agent was great as usual. Backing up a VPS is essential for a blog or forum. I have seen many VPS hosts that offer even up to 7 times per day to backup the server. This is essential for Blog or Forums. To lose even 5 days of data can be devastating, but to lose 25 days is ridiculous. I happen to be very happy with your customer service, however not as happy with your policies. I would be happy to pay extra for daily backups. Think about it. Like no one uses a blog or a forum when hosting a server....


Agradeciendo como siempre la atencion, muy puntuales y oportunos

12/10/2021iva***@***[email protected]

That's great that you were communicative about the problem, and the actions that were already in progress to solve the problem.


Sorry for some reason my messages stopped going through. Thank you for the help.


It's a really good experience especially for Tracy how he guides. appreciated


Happy with excellent service received from Alina, She resolved my query expeditiously .


Extremely Satisfied even if I'm been annoying during the process but i'm happy and will continue to be a customer for a very long time.


Great customer service. Work quickly to attend our requirements.


great attendant. I just didn't close the deal because the difference in currency exchange is very high.


COCO.P service is very good, she solved my problem very quickly and effectively, very professional, I think she must be a beautiful angel, thank you very much.


All of the agents have been absolutely fabulous and helpful.Thank you so much.. it does mean a lot.Paul.


Great person, speedy, and got the problem resolved fairly quickly.


Jay P by far is the best agent I have dealt with. good customer service. I recommend to give him a pay raise. Thanks :D


Prompt and Quick response from support agent (Penny). Thanks a lot


Tracy X.He or She was Great. Extremly Satisfied with the Support. Keep Up the Good Work.


Your services is consistently better than excellent. Many thanks


THE BEST. Instead of postponing issues, he/she did everything to resolve once and for all. I am so happy and proud of service and attention i got.


Upgrade of the server from windows 2012 to 2019 went as planned and was seamless. This was clearly a complex upgrade and was completed in 4 hours without any problems.The process also discovered a minor issue in my DNS for one of my sites, quite outside Databasemart's systems and this was also resolved for me.Excellent service as usual.


Very quick and efficient help from all the staff 24/7.Unbelievable service. Many thanks.


Coco P was very patient in answering my questions and offered me a good discount!! Thanks coco P!!!!<3


The agent was helpful and didn't make me feel like an idiot even though my questions were not the greatest.


Prompt replies, professional and always helpful customer care. Thank you

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