Client Comments for GPU Mart

Client Comments for GPU Mart

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The excellence of your support is the weapon against your competitors!


I appreciate the quick response and the manner of approach, Good job 👍👍👍


after all the explanation I had the fantastic help of Shane very good customer service, Congratulations!


The agents are good communicators, constantly replying to emails and finally the issue was resolved.


The products are totally according to the web site descriptions, and the guys of the support department are really quick. 👌


They are good, They already know what i need when i just said that I finished payment for hosting and domain.


extreemly satisfied.excellent support agent. I wish that person all the best & success.


Very satisfied, assuming it gets solved. Linda was very patient.


Always being helpful and willing to help; never get disappointed with the service, I have been using your service for more than a decade already and please keep going!


Angelica was helping me, she was very patient, helpful and guided me in the right direction. 10/10


Linda is superb, thanks alot for the support. Keep up the good work .


You are very timely in your responses. Very professional> i plan to purchase more services when I get more time and I will advertise


But you have to give to a loyal clients same benefits like new ones, bye


Thank you very much for the detailed knowledge transfer and quick action to fix the issue!


Wonderful assistance, went the extra mile! They are the reason I stayed a customer.


Love it. You are great another one time.I am noe of your biggest fan.John P.Director of 3Inventors


perfect, as usual. I am not always happy with the answers i get but they are explained in a way that I can understand so we are all good :) I would still love to have a manual backup system that I could backup my VPS server to my own local drive or another server whenever I feel the need, without having to use your companies disk space, and then to be able to restore it without having to waste your employees time. It would save your company money doing it that way.But being able to upload a clone of my own to you and have you guys restore it works for me too :)


So far so good with what have seen and enjoyed from your services. Your agents are superb and quick to response.


Happy Holidays to the entire team at Database guys are awesome.


Shane was very professional and helped me quickly resolve my problem. VERY much appreciated!


Even though the issue isn't solved, Henry D was great in support and escalating when needed.


Rena helped me today with quick responses in a couple mins to resolve the challenge I was facing.Earlier, as well entire support team is quick to respond and they ensure that customer is content with their responses.Thanks guys!


The agent was very knowledgeable and addressed my concern in a quick and effective manner.


All your tech group are great guys, all the way from AFRICA I a so fulfilled hosting with you Thanks


Thank you so much Penny, you're a star. You're very informative and customer focused. Please keep up your good work


Gave me the answer fast and straight like I am expecting live chat to be nowadays.


Hello,Congratulations on the well-prepared and dedicated team in meeting our needs in the shortest possible time.I am very satisfied with the service.I have 2 dedicated servers and a VPS with you.I'm Brazilian and I don't speak fluent English, I use a translator to communicate better.Thank you very much!


Your support is very helpful, definitely will recommend it to my friends looking for servers.


Very fast and efficient service. I am very happy with the service.


Response was quick. Unfortunately you do not have a solution for mining.


Extra careful to ensure I knew that all my data would be destroyed.


my problem solved within 1 minutes greate support stay blessed always


Agent did all he could to assist - really good service from agent. Unfortunately issue not resolved but agent advised he will investigate further


The agent is very helpful and accommodating and able to answer my questions to the smallest details. Good job! Now get my VPS up ASAP.


Very great assistance, will be purchasing the services. Thank you!


Excellent and good service, I will sign up when my subscription expires again for a year. I recommend this service


very helpful person and expressed the readiness to explain and solve errors


They should keep the control versions updated as SolidCP is from 2018 Version 1.4.2 to version 1.4.8 :D


Shane was very kind and helpful with my request and I appreciate he started a ticket for my issue.


I am excited and happy with excellency presented by Aimme in assisting me, her professionalism and patience is the best


Sherry helped me with all of my issues, and was able to do so very quickly. Thank you very much! :)


extremely friendly and helpful, is a pleasure making business with you and your company


Since 2 days ago when i signed up for the new VPS, am very happy with timelines for setup , my navigation on instructions , and actually trying out RDC, SQL database and moving to IIS to setup my websites.What the marketing pages describe of the product and features , everything is spot on.Thank you so much especially Pamela for answering all my questions propmtly.Regards Charles


Penny was very helpful and friendly. Made me feel like a complete moron, to myself, cause I was using the wrong email, but she was very friendly and kind. Thank you Penny


Calla helped me out first go, give that girl a raise. Thumbs up from me


Applying SSL to my website was a breeze... as you guys at databasemart handle most of the process steps involved when we buy the SSL thru you. Thank You!


i am 100% sure of your product and the agent was too good i appreciate him/her


Solved my problem so swiftly. I highly value my time with the agent.


You have the quickest reply of any provider... Always helpful.Yusuf


The agent wasn't obliged to help me, but they went out of their way to do so and the desired result was achieved.


Very professional and provided quick actions ! extremely pleased with the service I received.


Holly smoke, Cathy's help was not only invaluable. it enables me to move forward on a Sunday afternoon. Very much appreciated.


Really appreciate being given the technical details of the failure, and, most of all, finding out about the Server Status page that I was totally unaware of.


customer service was awesome my confidence was reestablished on account of the customer service I received thank you again


I love everything about database response of the support team is second to none and I would really love to corporate with them for long term


Jay was very kind. He handled my issues very well.Thank you, Jay


Angelica Y is the most helpful support agent ive ever encountered in any online or in person services. Absolutely amazing.


I am totally satisfied with the service! They always solve my problems in a timely manner. Thank you very much!


Your service is great. Fast response and kindly attention. Excellent work. From the side of recomendations, we work a lot with servers with Linux as operating system. I, personally, work with that operating system for more than 20 years and is always evolving. I think we all benefit from always improving our skills managing that system. Greetings!


No matter which department of your company, they have helped me quicklythank you very much


The agents have been very helpful. Where there was an observation from my part, they were quick to adjust to accommodate my complain. Keep this attitude towards your customers going. We am still tweaking our app to get the best performance but your agents/support team have been providing assistance (even though sometimes delayed)


Thank you for the awesome and outstanding service RyanH. You know the product and you have a heart for your customers


I alwasy get a fast turnaround time from the support and I'm happy as they resolve it quickly. IT hwy I have been a customer for 5 years


Feedback from the support team was fast and professional, the problem is solved.The support team is a great professional team.


Thank you for understanding our issue and opening ticket Sherry X.


Calla is awesome. You guys are awesome. best customer service i have ever had on the web :)

01/05/2022[email protected]***@***

Shane was extremely responsive and had my issue resolved promptly. Awesome support.


The staff support team was soo good, and was friendly to help me out with my issue that I was trying to fix for like 4 hours. Thanks!


dear i need your help , i have system work windows 10 , can i buy Express Linux VPS and work it without any problem


Tracy X was very professional and helpful. I was given information to quickly resolve my issue myself.


issue unresolved - due to ISP outage/degredation in my area I can't seem to complete a support request


Thanks for the attention and effort to make those changes, great work


Hello please i have another question. I want buy server But the price changes when I click on order now ,for example for example i want select basic linux VPS (3.59 per month) After pressing, a new price appears(12.99 + fee setup)


wonderful support and i will recommend databasemart to everyone.


Agent was great, but your site wouldn't let me complete my transaction smoothly and that scared me off as a customer.


Thank you so much Rena and Team DBM for your help, understanding and supporting us :)


I'm a quite good programmer, but have limited experience setting up and managing servers. I really appreciate the support and suggestions you provided me recently. I had a serious performance problem, not caused by your infrastructure but by my lack of experience with SSL effects. Your support staff worked with me through several rounds of suggestions to help me find my feet. The analysis report you provided, plus a recommendation from a friend, led me to a new approach which solved the problem.


sadly was not able to resolve my problem but still very helpful.


The agent was kind, she also guided me on how she could help me.Great service.


Fast and knowledgeable customer service I have been with database mart for a long time and have never been disappointed. Keep up the great work!


Excelente y trato amable, atención personalizada, esperamos solucionar nuestros problemas iniciales y nos apoyen con la implementacion del servicio PVS y la activacion de nuestro Certificado de seguridad SSL al dominio Muchas gracias


My request was responded to promptly. My issue was resolved in a timely manner. Good customer support.


Support agent was a great help guiding me in the direction needed! Thanks!


Angelica was great to deal with and new exactly what needed to be done. Thanks Angelica!


It was a very nice experience with the support member. I forgot the name but the support member was great. Keep it up.


The agent is excellent, he helped me solve problems with the product


I had to come back to figure out a few things. I got the same agent and he helped me out. He was great! Thank you :)


I was really disappointed that my VM was reloaded by a technician on accident. I don't understand how that could have happened.However, support responded very fast and had a backup restored within minutes of submitting a ticket. This makes me feel confident in their ability to respond to other incidents should they arise.Great job, support!


Your people helped me with exactly the right information I needed. They determined the DLL dependency and I was able to do what I needed to. THANK YOU


Aimme, ótima atendente. Obrigado por me ajudar e esclarecer as dúvidas.


Shane T was very knowledgeable and helpful in getting my issues resolved.


You people can really scale in your market with some improvement on your customer support documentation. Also try and find a better Image Snag tool platform. The one you use bombs the end-user with pixel based adverts 'initially and Takes up to a minute to see the image a chat technician gave me before I can say "Yes, I see it". So I am hitting refresh, refresh, arghhh. Finally, the image is viewable and that is on all browsers, all of them cache cleaned etc. Is this a propagation issue? Or maybe the server hosting that Light Capture program has been under spec'ed and needs more horsepower to bottom. Also added other comments with a short YouTube (unlisted link, only DBM has this) which I will delete in a few days.


Coco P was very helpful during a very frustrating time with my VPS


Ryan did fixed the issue from FPM to FCGI due to the faulty hosting panel. Thanks for getting the sites back online.


Calla is an extremely customer oriented resource with a problem solving mindset. Great help and support!!


Ryan is being very helpful and knowledgeable, the thing is he is willing to help. Thumb up!


I cant thank enough. The support executive personally looks into all the problems and makes sure they are sorted. Thank you again Aimme.


The original ticket was a request for login information to the SolidCP system to add DNS records. The agent responded in a timely manner and I was able to log in to the system.


Always the best person to resolve issues for me one time and so efficiently.


Shane was great. You guys are seriously one of the best companies I've worked with in the hosting space. I have and will continue to recommend you guys to everyone who asks me where to go for VPS services. Thanks again for the great products, service and support!

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