How to Install GPT4ALL - Free & Local ChatGPT4 on your PC!

In this guide, we will take you on an exciting journey to install GPT4All, the free, local and offline-friendly version of ChatGPT4 on your PC.


In this guide, we will take you on an exciting journey to install GPT4All, the free, local and offline-friendly version of ChatGPT4 on your PC. Say goodbye to internet-dependent communication with artificial intelligence, because GPT4All guarantees you an interactive session at any time. Whether crafting a magical story or writing a soulful song, your AI companion is always within reach.

What's GPT4All?

GPT4All is a free-to-use, locally running, privacy-aware chatbot. It is an ecosystem to train and deploy powerful and customized large language models that run locally on consumer grade CPUs. The goal is simple - be the best instruction tuned assistant-style language model that any person or enterprise can freely use, distribute and build on.

GPT4All is an open-source ecosystem used for integrating LLMs into applications without paying for a platform or hardware subscription. It was created by Nomic AI, an information cartography company that aims to improve access to AI resources.

GPT4AIl Features

Run privacy-aware local chatbots.

No internet required to use.

CPU and GPU acceleration.

Chat with your local data and documents.

Built by Nomic Al and forever open-source.

System Requirements

GPT4All is designed to run on modern to relatively modern PCs without needing an internet connection or even a GPU! This is possible since most of the models provided by GPT4All have been quantized to be as small as a few gigabytes, requiring only 4–16GB RAM to run. Note that your CPU needs to support AVX or AVX2 instructions and you need enough RAM to load a model into memory.

How to Install GPT4All

Step 1. Download GPT4All Windows Installer

GPT4All is available for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu. For this article, we'll be using the Windows version. Download the Windows Installer from GPT4All's official site.


Step 2. Set Up and Launch GPT4All

Run the downloaded application and follow the wizard's steps to install GPT4All on your computer. An icon or shortcut labeled "GPT4ALL" will subsequently appear on your desktop. Click the icon to launch GPT4All.

Set Up and Launch GPT4All

When you eventually find yourself looking at GPT4All's interface, you will also have to download a Language Model to use it. GPT4All will present you with a list of available models. Check its size (next to its name) to ensure you have enough RAM or VRAM to run it. When you decide on a model, click its Download button to have GPT4All download and install it.

Step 3. Discover and Download Models

The Downloads button gives you access to the Language Models panel. You can use the Language Models panel to install new LLMs, remove installed ones, and change their download path.


Step 4. Enjoy your Chat

With GPT4All installed and some LLMs downloaded, you can now start chatting with your own AI chatbot. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the GPT4All's window to select the active Language Model.


Chatting with an LLM in GPT4All is similar to ChatGPT's online version. Type something in the entry field at the bottom of GPT4All's window, and after pressing Enter, you will see your prompt in GPT4All's main view. The selected Language Model's response will appear below your prompt.


Now you can enjoy a local, private, and free ChatGPT4 instance right from your desktop, ready to serve you. Its functionality is wide and all-encompassing. Remember, the more accurate and detailed your prompts are, the more likely you are to receive a response that truly meets your expectations. Explore the vast potential of ChatGPT4 and put the digital world at your disposal!