10+ Best Antidetect Browsers for 2024

An antidetect browser lets you create separate browsing environments with their own digital fingerprint. Let’s get into the list of best antidetect browsers for 2024.

What is an antidetect browser?

An antidetect browser is an app based on popular web browsers, usually Chrome or Firefox. It lets you create separate browsing environments with their own digital fingerprint: different browser headers and other identifying information. As a result, websites can’t link to those environments to one another.

Anti detect browsers use technologies like data spoofing and digital browser fingerprints, providing internet users with more privacy. Although used by people for individual needs, antidetect browsers are more often utilized for commercial purposes: traffic arbitrage, managing several social media accounts, accessing geo-restricted websites, and more.

How do antidetect browsers work?

Antidetect browsers use a combination of techniques to make it difficult for websites to identify you. Some of the most common techniques used by these browsers include:

Proxy servers: These act as a middleman between your device and the websites you visit, making it difficult for websites to trace your online activities back to you.

User-agent spoofing: This involves changing the browser type and version reported by your browser, which can make it difficult for websites to track your online activities.

Browser fingerprinting: This involves analyzing various characteristics of your browser and device, such as your screen resolution, installed fonts, and plugins. Anti-Detect Browsers can help you mask or manipulate this data to make it difficult to identify you.

Virtual machines: Some Anti-Detect Browsers use virtual machines to run the browser, which can help mask your real operating system and other identifying information.

Browser isolation: This involves isolating the browser from the rest of your device to prevent websites from accessing your system information.

Why do you need antidetect browsers?

Most websites use tracking technologies, such as cookies, digital fingerprint, web beacons, etc., to collect information about their visitors for various purposes, such as providing customized content, targeted advertising, fraud Detection or bot detection.

For instance, when you make a connection request to a website employing web tracking technology, such as browser fingerprinting, the target server can access and collect information sent by your browser, like your geolocation and timezone. If you are located within a restricted region, the website will block your IP address to prevent you from accessing geo-restricted content.

An anti detect browser changes your digital fingerprint parameters, such as IP address, operating system and user agents. As a result, they conceal your digital identities and circumvent IP bans.

10+ best antidetect browsers for 2024

Whether you’re looking to improve your privacy, or you’re in the business of managing multiple social media, e-commerce, or ad accounts, antidetect browsers can help. However, choosing one is no easy task: many options exist, and they don’t always look trustworthy. We’ve done the research; here are the top picks.

To sum it all up, here’s a direct comparison for our listed antidetect browsers:

APPLinkDescriptionFree trialPricingSupport OS
Dolphin Antyhttps://dolphin-anty.com/Anti-detect browser for affiliate marketing purposesfree up to 10 profiles$10/monthmacOS, Windows, Linux
AdsPowerhttps://www.adspower.comAdsPower is an antidetect browser for managing multiple accounts with maximum online anonymity protection that prevents your accounts from bans.2 free profiles$9/monthmacOS, Windows,Linux
MoreLoginhttps://www.morelogin.com/Antidetect browser protect your Facebook, TikTok, Amazon, and all other platforms to stop account banning2 profiles, 2 users$9/monthmacOS, Windows
GoLoginhttps://gologin.com/Streamline creation, management, and security of multiple online accounts with ease.7-day free trial$24/monthWindows, macOS, Linux
Hidemiumhttps://hidemium.io/With automated functions, simply drag and drop buttons to execute browser tasks, mimicking real user behavior effortlessly.5 profiles$25/monthWindows,macOs
Multiloginhttps://multilogin.com/Streamline creation, management, and security of multiple online accounts with ease.10 free profiles$30/monthmacOS, Windows
Ghost Browserhttps://ghostbrowser.com/The Productivity Browser for Tech Pros4 free profiles$21/monthmacOS, Windows
Incognitonhttps://incogniton.com/Anti-detect browser: no more bans and restrictions10 profiles for free$24/monthmacOS, Windows
MuLoginhttps://www.mulogin.com/The safest way to run multiple business accounts. Segregated browser profiles & fingerprints. 3-day free trial$59/monthWindows
Multiloginhttps://multilogin.com/The antidetect browser for web scraping and multi-accounting. Engineered to appear as real humans in the eyes of website hosts.No trial€99/monthWindows, macOS, Linux
Octo Browserhttps://octobrowser.net/Antidetect browser for multi-accounting. Create and manage any number of accounts without hassle, IP bans and extra expenses.No trial€21/monthWindows, macOS, Linux

How to choose one?

If you've started researching anti-detection browsers, you know that they're not hard to come by. In fact there are many similar products on the market. Many options vary in price and features, so you should answer a few questions first:

How much am I willing to spend? Quality costs money, so the best anti-detection browsers are expensive (think starting at $60-$120). Still, there are some newcomers like AdsPower, MoreLogin, Dolphin Anty that offer access at a cheaper price. You need an agent anyway so you can save some money. Note that such browsers may have fewer features than their more established competitors.

How many profiles do I need? Some anti-detection browsers offer a free tier that allows the creation of up to 10 profiles. Otherwise, it is one of the main criteria that affects the price.

Would I use the browser alone? If you work in a marketing agency, you may want to collaborate with other colleagues. In this case, you should look for browser profile synchronization and cloud storage - they will make your work much simpler.

Do I want to automate my browser? If so, consider using an anti-detection browser that supports API integration with headless libraries.

Are antidetect browsers legal?

The use of Anti-Detect Browsers is a controversial topic, and the legality of using them varies depending on your location and intended use. In some cases, the use of Anti-Detect Browsers may be illegal, such as using them to engage in activities such as fraud or hacking.

In another case, the use of Anti-Detect Browsers may be legal, such as using them to protect your online privacy and security. In some countries, the use of Anti-Detect Browsers may be illegal or restricted, and you could face legal consequences if caught using them. So, It is important to understand the legal implications of using Anti-Detect Browsers in your country before using them.


No matter what websites you visit, be sure that you’re being monitored and your browser data is getting stored. For some, it’s an invasion of privacy. For others, it interferes with their work. Luckily, the undetectable browsing experience is now accessible to everyone, as long as they have the right dedicated tools such as solid proxies or antidetect browsers.